The link is down toward the bottom. Should you want to vote with paper pencil you will be able to do so on Monday, July 24 from 7:30 -3 p.m. in the unit office. Otherwise, access the link and you can vote there.


The insurance committee would like to inform the staff on our progress and what our next steps should be moving forward.

The committee met with 5 different carriers/groups/agents to discuss our coverage as well as our agent. After those 5 presentations, the committee then voted to reduce our choices down to 2 finalists. We selected Williams (our current carrier) who would secure bids from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cornerstone Group who would secure bids from other possible insurance groups. Should our choice be Cornerstone, they could then go to any company we want to secure our plan, even Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We did agree that after those bids came in we would discuss the possibility of the following changes:

1. Change the agent/group that manages our insurance (Williams or Cornerstone)

2. Change our insurance carrier  (Blue Cross/Blue Shield or other companies)

3. Change number of, or aspects of each plan we have.

As a committee we are ready to make a decision on #1 from above. We need you to provide your input through this vote to assist your representative, on the committee, allowing them make their vote based on what the majority of your group wants. For that reason we are asking you to vote on whether to go with Williams or Cornerstone as your agent.

Williams has been our agent for years and you all have had that time to evaluate the job they do and develop an opinion on their service. I realize you have little to no exposure with Cornerstone, but will tell you the committee was very impressed with them and many of the things they bring to the table. One was the fact they would sit down individually with each person that wished and look at each plan to help them find POSSIBLE ways for them to save money, evaluating the plan you are on, looking at your history and possibly moving to another plan.  I would encourage you to ask your representative on the committee their opinion if you have questions as to their thought after the presentation we heard today. I have listed the representatives and their groups below.

Laurie Pappenfuss, Marsha Byas, Beth Bond, Rita Griffith - HEA

Scott Graham - SEIU

Cheryl Angelly- Non Certified 

Please pose any questions regarding their thoughts on the presentations to help you make your decision.

Once you are ready to vote, you can access this link ( and you will be asked 2 questions. What group you represent (HEA, SEIU, ADMIN, NON-CERT) and which agent do you want  (Williams or Cornerstone). We will also have a box for each group at the Unit Ofice for people who wish to vote by hand rather than through their computer.

Once we have the results, we will hold a committee meeting and each voting member will cast a vote on which agent we want to manage our insurance. We will then notify the Board and begin working on the next piece of this puzzle. Thank you for your participation.

Insurance Committee