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Scholarhip Information

Updated: 5/202014

Seniors, scholarship deadlines are rapidly approaching.  Many more scholarships are available.  Interested students may go to the following site for additional scholarships:


New scholarships are posted everyday on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Students can also find us by searching for TFS scholarships on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Most scholarships are not well known and are available to all students.

1. www.studentscholarhips.org/scholarship.php
  Call us Toll Free:  1-888-214-3185
2. fastweb.com

The Distinguished Young Women of Illinois Scholarship Program:

We are a statewide non-profit scholarship program that is part of the national Distinguished Young Women program.  We are the largest and oldest scholarship program for high school girls!  Since 1958, over $93 million in cash scholarships has been awarded to Distinguished Young Women participants!  In addition, more than 200 colleges and universities offer
scholarships, with more than $78 million in college-granted scholarships available to those who take part in a Distinguished Young Women program! 

There are no entry fees to participate, and this is NOT a beauty pageant!  The categories are: scholastic achievement (25%), personal interview (25%), self-expression (15%), talent (20%), and physical fitness as demonstrated through an aerobics routine (15%).  There are NO points for beauty, no crowns, and certainly no swimsuits!  We are focused on empowering young women and preparing them for college and careers.  One example of the type of woman who succeeds in our program is Diane Sawyer, our national winner in 1963!

Win cash scholarships for college!  Visit www.Distinguished YW.org

Click Participate and apply today!  The 2016 Illinois program will be held at Victor Andrew High School in Tinley Park, IL on August 2nd through 4th, 2015!  Come have fun, build confidence, showcase your talents, make new friends, and earn scholarships for college!

***Girls from the class of 2016 need to sign up THIS week to be considered! 
You can visit our website at www.DistinguishedYW.org